As Community Bible Church draws near to its 75th Anniversary in 2026, we have taken our marching orders for next75 from the rich history of those who have gone before us. CBC was founded in 1951 with a heart and passion to reach our community and the younger generations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. With a legacy of doing just that, our leadership has re-focused our vision for next75 towards the same horizons of reaching our community and reaching the younger generations.

To help us accomplish this next75 vision, our elders believe God is leading us to pursue two initiatives over the coming years:
1. Starting a new church that is within 30 minutes of CBC in an area where a healthy, gospel-centered church doesn't already exist.
2. Expand our current facilities to better reach our community and younger generations.

starting a new church

The Elder Board established the Church Planting Committee to explore models and means for 100-200 congregants of CBC to plan a self-governing church.

You can email the Church Planting Committee with thoughts or questions and read the Church Planting Committee, which explains the purpose of goals of the committee.

expanding our Building

The Elder Board established the Building Committee to determine ways to develop the facilities of the CBC Campus to expand CBC's outreach to the community and expand CBC's youth ministry.

You can email the Building Committee with thoughts or questions and read the Building Expansion Committee Charter, which explains the purpose of goals of the committee.

frequently asked questions

As we continue exploring God's direction with the next75 initiatives, we want to keep the entire church body updated. One way we will do that is through answering FAQs- questions that people are currently asking about the next75 initiatives. The current list of questions and answers is below.