Our Teams

Meet the Management Team

Jeff Burkholder

Senior Pastor | Elder Board Member

Jim Hottenstein

Associate Pastor

Scott Marshall

Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts

Nathan King

Pastor of Discipleship

don hunt

Pastor of Outreach


Children's Ministry Director


Visitation Pastor

gene Manuel

Facility Maintenance Management

Meet the Support Team

Gayle merkt

Executive Administrative Assistant

Annie Barge

Administrative Assistant for Outreach


Administrative Assistant for Adult Ministry

aimee conley

Administrative Assistant for Worship Arts

ava miller

Video and Social Media Assistant


Communications Associate

cathy wilcox

Administrative Assistant for Youth and College-Age Ministries

Mary Ruhl

Administrative Assistant for Children's Ministry

Becky Creviston

Administrative Assistant for Church Life

john noll

Facility Maintenance Assistant

James Stalnecker

Facility Maintenance Assistant

david sager

Technical Arts Admin

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Meet the Elders

paul brosey

Elder Board l Chairman
Oversight: Elder Training/
Global Reaching Out

robin hess

Elder Board l Vice Chairman
Oversight: Luthercare for Kid, Marietta/ Visitation

mike kleinhans

Elder Board l Treasurer
Oversight: Life Groups/Finances

Doug perkins

Elder Board
Oversight: Life Groups/Development of Governance
Policy and Structure

Scott forry

Elder Board | Secretary
Oversight: Finances

tom jones

Elder Board
Oversight: Development of Governance
Policy and Structure

doug fisher

Elder Team
Oversight: Children's Ministry/Membership

barry foreman

Elder Team

charles baldwin

Elder Team
Oversight: Pre-marital Mentoring/re:generation

dave garber

Elder Team
Oversight: Facilities

Neil Robertson

Elder Team
Oversight: Worship Ministry/Communications

Don Miller

Elder Team
Oversight: Visitation

kevin noll

Elder Team
Oversight: Anchored Young Adult Ministry

matt homsher

Elder Team
Oversight: Worship Ministry/Communications

John king

Elder Team
Oversight: Local and Global Outreach

Gene manuel

Elder Team
Oversight: Short-term Work Trips

Jeff marble

Elder Team
Oversight: Elder Training

dave mcbeth

Elder Team
Oversight: Student Body Senior High Ministry/
TNT Junior High Ministry/Next Steps

Bradley wilcox

Elder Team
On Sabbatical

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