The CBC Worship and Creative Arts Ministry exists to create an environment that will help others grow in their love for God. We serve in numerous ways within our worship services to aid the congregation in Loving God through music, scripture reading, drama, sound, lighting, visuals, and recording. For more information or to get involved, contact Aimee Conley in the Church Office at 717.426.1345 or aconley@cbcpa.org.

  • Worship TEam

    The Worship Team leads not only musically but also by physically providing a biblical example of worship. Members must commit to five to six hours a week for the weeks they are assigned. An audition is required.

    Click Here for the information packet and Worship Team Candidate application.

  • Tech Team

    The CBC Tech Team is made up of the sound tech, screen tech, lighting tech, and recording tech teams. These teams operate audio and lighting systems for rehearsals and services, creating the best sound mix possible for the needs of the church.

  • Orchestra

    The CBC Orchestra team is comprised of dedicated instrumentalists who help to lead worship through special Sundays leading in traditional and modern worship music. All traditional instrumental parts are needed from strings and percussion to woodwind and brass. Whether you’ve been playing for years or its been years since you’ve played, consider joining this team to help lead in worship.

  • Choir

    The CBC Choir is a group of committed vocalists who help to lead worship through special songs as well as leading in traditional and modern worship music. All vocal parts are needed: bass, tenor, alto, and soprano. If you like singing in the shower or in your car, why not sing it out in church? No audition is required for this ministry, but a good ear and a steady voice is desired.

  • communion team

    This is a dedicated group of individuals who participate in preparing and serving the Lord’s Supper at CBC. Communion occurs approximately once every three to four months in the main Sunday morning worship services.

  • Stage design team

    The CBC Stage Design Team designs, creates, builds, and decorates set pieces that help to capture and enhance the message. This team serves during specific times throughout the year.

  • drama team

    The CBC Drama Team uses short dramas and sketches to bring to life various points of the Sunday morning messages. These relevant-to-life dramas help to open up hearts to hear God’s Word.

  • Funeral Pianist team

    Occasionally there is a need for a pianist within the church to be available for funerals. Very often, due to the nature of the event, families do not have the ability to find their own pianist with such short notice. CBC provides pianists for these occasions.

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