Community  outreach

Our volunteers Love God by Loving Others in our own community during times of physical and spiritual need.


Community Care Center

The Community Care Center (CCC) at 45 W. Market St., Marietta, provides a warm, inviting place for individuals and families to have access to free second-hand clothing and food pantry items. The CCC is open by appointment only.
Please call 717.604.1458 and leave a message to set up an appointment. 

Community Resource Team

The Community Resource Team (CRT) exists to personally connect with individuals and families and provide resources that meet physical needs as well as opportunities to connect in the CBC family and community.
If you have a specific need that we can help meet, please complete the application for submission to the team.

Spring Clean-Up at The GateHouse

Love Others and Reach Out on Saturday, May 1, 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at The GateHouse in Marietta! We will be doing a spring clean up of the outside property, including shrub trimming and cleaning out flower beds. Please bring tools if you can!

Lunch will be provided.

Feel free to come for as much of the day as you are able!

NOTE: Parking is limited! Plan to carpool from the CBC parking lot if possible. Thanks!


GriefShare is a grief recovery group designed to help people discover hope and experience healing after the loss of a loved one.
DivorceCare is a divorce recover group designed to help people discover hope and experience healing following a divorce.

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