• Jeff Burkholder, senior pastor

    Phone: 717.426.1345 ext. 1309


    What you cherish: My wife, Michelle and my kids, Ashley, Austin, and Adam

    What are your hobbies: Sports and hunting

    The best thing about working at CBC: The people

    How long have you been in ministry: I have been on staff at CBC since 1991

    Secret Ambitions: Climb Mount Washington, be a basketball coach

  • Jim Hottenstein, Associate Pastor

    Phone: 717.426.1345 ext. 1308


    The Adventure Began: June 7, 1972

    Trail Head: Lancaster, PA

    I Share the Adventure With: Julie since October of 1995. The adventure almost ended when I didn't treat her to a $1 movie. So I guess it is grace that she married me anyway - I am indebted to her forever!

    The Gang: Dylan, Jenna, and Colin

    Favorite Adventure: Following God!

  • Scott Marshall, Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts

    Phone: 717.426.1345, ext. 1330


    What you cherish: God and family. God gave me life to live and I live it with the beautiful Jennifer Marshall and our two sons Tyler and Graham.

    Where you learned your stuff: I am a life-long learner of the scriptures and have learned from lots of reading and a great deal of prayer. I have a bachelors of music in music education from the College of New Jersey (2000) and a masters of music in music theatre performance from The Boston Conservatory (2002).

    Your prayer for the people of CBC: My prayer is that the people of CBC and believers everywhere would more fully understand the depth of God's love for them and as a result would worship God in extravagant ways when they gather and through their daily lives.

    Fun and Random Facts: I've performed in a producer's show on Broadway in NYC. I have 9 and 3/4 fingers... I'll tell you the story later. A dream would be to hike, camp, and hunt in Alaska... I hear it's God's country.

  • Dave Forwood, Pastor of Care MinistrY

    Phone: 717.426.1345 ext. 1312


    What you do for CBC: I have the honor of working with a great team staff & volunteers to provide visitation for our CBC family and walk with those in need with financial assistance and mentoring. I also offer pastoral counseling for the flock.

    What makes you cry: Stepping on nails while wearing crocs (ask my wife). No, really, I tear up when I see others perform acts of sacrifice and love. I cry when I imagine people dying without Christ and most of all, when I am thinking of the day I will see Him face-to-face! 

    What makes you laugh: Being with friends, being silly with my family, and the ridiculousness of mankind sometimes. 

    What you love: I love Jesus. I love my wife, and kids. I love breathtaking and simple moments in nature. I love that there is hope for the future.

    What are your dreams for ministry: I  love to see CBCer’s continue to love each other, and their neighbors, and bring so much enthusiasm and joy to life that Care Ministries has to try to keep up with all that is happening all on its own. 

  • Bradley Wilcox, Pastor of Senior HIgh Ministry

    Phone: 717.426.1345, ext. 1309


    What are your hobbies: I like to play ultimate Frisbee with my wife on Friday nights at Spooky Nook. We have made many friends there and have a good time with healthy competition. I also love to play soccer when I get the chance.


    Where you learned your stuff: I really value my education from Lancaster Bible College. My favorite books that I read during my time there are Tactics by Greg Koukl, The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller, and Perspectives on the World Christian Movement by various authors.


    Your salvation experience: I came to know Jesus Christ at the age of 4 while attending Awana Clubs at my church in Bangor, Maine.  I had loved memorizing verses and singing songs, but one of the leaders there began to explain to me for the first time why it is that we did all of that: because we love God and we want to live for Him, but we can't do that without accepting His free gift of salvation through His Son.  I asked my parents about all of this when I got home and they led me to have a personal relationship with our Savior. 

  • Ian Keretzman, Interim Senior High Director

    Phone: 717.426.1345, ext. 1329


    In your spare time: You can find me doing just about anything I can do to relax. That can range from a nature hike, to a Netflix binge, to a shopping trip for something. I’ll never say no to a superhero movie or a nice, long nap.


    Secret ambition: I would love to travel and visit every lighthouse on the East Coast. Lighthouses have always been fascinating to me; if I am able to do that maybe I’ll expand my adventure to beyond.

  • Nathan King, Interim  Junior High Director

    Phone: 717.426.1345 ext. 1338


    What are your dreams for ministry: To never stop proclaiming God’s Word and His gospel to those whom He has called me to minister to.

    What makes you cry: Worship songs; singing with a family of believers on Sunday morning gives me a taste of eternity. Realizing how holy God is and how sinful I am and yet the truth that when God looked on us in our sin and brokenness, He couldn’t help but send His son Jesus to pay the price for our sin; when I fully understand and believe that, I tend to cry.

    Your salvation experience: I was dead in my sin, but all praise be to God, in His great love and mercy for me He made me alive with Christ. Thanks to God, I’m a new man with an extremely bright future; eternity with Jesus! “Not to us, LORD, not to us, but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness” –Psalm 115:1

  • Cindy Gardner, Children's Ministry Director

    Phone: 717.426.1345, ext. 1313


    What you cherish: I really cherish my family. I have wonderful kids and grandkids and I try to spend as much time with them as possible. I also have a great extended family. After my husband died they all rallied around me and they continue to support me.

    What are your pet peeves: It really bothers me if someone’s tag is sticking out at the back of their shirt. I find things like that to be totally distracting. That is why you will always see me sitting close to the front in church.

    What are your hobbies: Cooking is a passion. I am always trying new recipes. I also love to work in my garden. I especially love to see all the new growth in the spring.

    How long have you been in ministry: I have been in Children’s Ministry formally for fifteen years but I have been in involved in Children’s Ministry since I was twelve years old.

    How has this job changed your life: I was very comfortable with my job at another church when God put it on my heart to apply here at CBC. I had to work through being willing to leave all the people I knew very well and loved to follow the new adventure God has for my life. I am very excited to see how God is going to use me here at CBC!

    Your salvation experience: I am a Billy Graham baby. I always loved watching him on TV. Around twelve years old I knelt in front of the TV during one of his crusades and gave my life to Christ. Since then, God and I have been on an amazing journey together!


Church Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

  • Gayle Merkt, Executive Administrative Assistant

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1302


    What you love: Dark Chocolate

    What are your hobbies: Reading, crafts, music

    What are your gifts: Administration and organization

    Your college years: I spent four years at and graduated from Millersville University with a degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice. I was actively involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship where I met my husband.

  • Cathy Wilcox, Administrative Assistant for cHURCH lIFE

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1304


    Five ways to describe yourself: Enthusiastic, fun, "a thinker," an appreciater of beauty, giving.

    What you cherish: Time with loved ones.

    What are your gifts: Teaching, administration, encouragement.

    In your spare time: I LOVE to read or "putz" in my yard, trying to garden. Things are growing, but I’m thinking they’re showing me mercy & grace.

    Your prayer for the people of CBC: That they would know God’s love for them (Eph. 3:16-20) and that He does indeed sing over them (Zeph. 3:17)—it’s scriptural!

  • Kathy Dupin, Administrative Assistant for OutReach

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1303


    What makes you laugh: Funny videos of babies and young children.

    In your spare time: I like to read, listen to music, watch movies and craft.

  • Aimee Conley, Administrative Assistant for Worship Arts

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1305


    Where you learned your stuff: I graduated from Millersville University in 1998 with a degree in Music Education. I taught Elementary Music for five years before my children came along and then a did a few years of substitute teaching.

    What are your hobbies: Reading, counted cross-stitching, playing the clarinet and piano (although not at the same time!)

    The best thing about working at CBC: I love working in an environment where my co-workers and I can openly pray for each other and for the church family during the work day. That’s quite a difference from working in a public school! It is such an encouraging place to work.

    Secret Ambitions: I have lots of "inventions" floating around in my mind – if only I knew how to execute them!

    Your prayer for the people of CBC: That they would start every day with Psalm 143:8… “Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go, for to You I lift up my soul.”

    Tell us about your family: I live with my husband, Dave, my son, Noah, and my daughter, Gracie. We have a little Westie dog, Molly.

  • Katie Baum, Communications Associate

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1310


    Where you learned your stuff: I attended Columbia International University where I got my bachelor’s in Bible and Global Media Communication.

    What are your hobbies: Anything from watercoloring and mountain biking to baking and watching Netflix. I’m always trying to learn a new hobby and have an ever-growing list of ones to try!

    A fun and random fact: I like doing math for fun. In 6th grade I got first place in a math competition and I currently enjoy using Algebra and Calculus text books to work through the lessons and problems.

    Secret Ambitions: To hike the Appalachian Trail, become an archaeologist, live in Alaska for more than a year, and go to Iceland.

  • Tenli HUNTER, Promotion and Design Administrative Assistant

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1328


    What you do for CBC: I take care of the graphic design and promotional publications as well as scheduling and administration related to those fields.

    What do you cherish: Watching the sun rise over the mountains, long runs on sunny mornings, traveling in airplanes, and chilling with my family.

    Secret Ambitions: To hitchhike around the beaches of South America selling hair wraps and cornrows to support my chocolate habit.

  • Kristi Slattery, Administrative Assistant for Adult Ministry

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1301


    What you love: My family, the beach, sunsets, and a good book.

    What is your greatest fear: Being trapped in an elevator and spiders. Being trapped in an elevator with spiders would be a nightmare!

    What inspires you: Sunshine and warm weather. Worship. Seeing people who are following Jesus with no reservations.

    A Fun and Random Fact: My children are almost exactly 3 years and 11 months apart in age. They were all born in an Olympic year.

    Tell us about your family: Brian and I met at our first post-college jobs. We have been married since 1999 and we have 3 children: Erin Rose, Kevin and Jordyn. Together we are learning how to love and serve God better.

  • Mary Ruhl, Administrative Assitant for Children's Ministry

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1327


    Five ways to describe yourself: creative, dependable, cheerful, encouraging, and thankful.

    Where you learned your stuff: Elizabethtown Area High School (1985), Messiah College (1989), and daily living.

    What you love: family, friends, 75 degree spring days, day trips to NYC, craft and fabric stores, praise and worship music, chocolate, ice cream, hanging out with my nieces and nephews, reading a great book, and God’s promises.

    What are your gifts: Teaching and Encouragement

    A Fun and Random Fact: When I was in college I sold my car so that I would have enough money to travel to Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria for a three week cross cultural course. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. The New Testament became much more alive to me during the trip as I visited Thessalonica, Philippi, Berea, Corinth and Athens. I didn’t have a car when I returned but I have no regrets!

    Tell us about your family: My husband Jonathan and I have been married since December 22, 1989. We live in Mount Joy and have two children, our son Jared and daughter Jacquia.

  • Rebecca Nissly, Director of Finances

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1306


    Five ways to describe yourself: Detail-oriented, analytical, love to learn and be challenged, would rather listen than talk, giving

    Where you learned your stuff: University of Richmond, E Claiborne Robins School of Business where I majored in Business and Finance. I have worked in the banking, financial planning, accounting and non-profit industries.

    What makes you laugh: The funny things that come out of the mouths of children at the age of 3 or 4 when they don’t quite understand expressions or how to use a word correctly. I keep a list of the funny things my children have said. So cute!

    What are your pet peeves: Wasting time

    When you’re not at CBC: juggling farm life and a family with 3 children

    A Fun and Random Fact: I tried clay bird shooting once. I hit the first three that went up and figured I better stop while I was ahead

  • Sarah Slobozien, Finance Administrative ASsistant

    Phone: (717) 426-1345 ext.1325


    What you cherish: The Bible, my family, good health

    What makes you cry: Our health insurance premiums!

    What makes you laugh: My husband and kids

    What you love: Dark Chocolate

    What are your dreams for the future: I would love to travel to Israel someday.

    Your prayer for the people of CBC: That we may all fall more in love with Jesus!

  • TIffany DeRemer, Finance Administrative Assistant

    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1326


    Five ways to describe yourself: Christian, family oriented, loving, good listener, kinda shy.

    What you cherish: My friends and family, and being healthy

    What inspires you: other Christians who volunteer and give freely to others

    What are your gifts: Good listener, organized, enjoy working with numbers

    The best thing about working at CBC: serving God and getting to know wonderful people

    What are your goals for the future: finish raising my kids to be caring loving Christians and continue to serve God.

    A Fun and Random Fact: I like to find projects on Pinterest for me and my husband to do together.



    Phone: (717) 426-1345, ext. 1314


    What makes you laugh: My wife cracks me up all the time with her crazy personality, little kids, and The Three Stooges (it’s a guy thing I guess).

    What makes you cry: The thankfulness and love that I feel when I think about all that Christ did for me, when I talk about it, and when I sing worship songs (Redeemed is one that really hits me). Sappy love-story movies I watch with my wife.

    Your prayer for the people of CBC: For us to live out our Mission Statement: Loving God, Loving Others and Reaching Out with joy in our hearts! For us to fall in love with the Bride of Christ, the Church, and realize that the Church is the fellow believers and not the building we gather in. To embrace the fact that we are all human, and to accept each other as we are with all our faults, flaws and differences. To encourage one another, work together, and help others in our community and the far corners of this world we live in. Allow His light to shine through us by sharing the love and thankfulness we have for Jesus Christ, and to draw others to a relationship with Him! 

  • Hunter Gartside, Facility Maintenance ASsistant

    Phone: (717) 426-1345