The 2020Vision was presented to the congregation during the Sunday messages on June 4, 11, and 18, 2017. To learn more and have a better understanding of the 2020Vision, Click Here to listen to the messages.

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Question: What is 2020Vision? 

Answer: The leadership of CBC believe God has called us to be more strategic and intentional about Reaching Out to the local community and the younger generations. This specific calling of vision and direction began in 2017 and is a three year focus, hence “2020Vision.” 


Question: Is 2020Vision replacing CBC’s existing vision?

Answer: No. The overall vision of CBC has been and will continue to be what we call our Core Values, which are Loving God, Loving Others and Reaching Out. 2020Vision is a focused and intentional mission for the next three to five years to touch the lives of those in the community and the younger generations. 2020Vision is meant to help CBC individuals and families conform to the attitude and mindset of God who loves everyone and wants to see everyone come to faith in Jesus.  By doing this, we better carry out our overall vision of Loving God, Loving Others and Reaching Out. 


Question: How will CBC reach the community and the younger generations?

AnswerEach member of the CBC family will be involved by being in tune to the opportunities God will bring their way along with a willingness to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. There are a few specific ways God is leading CBC as a church to reach out to the local community and the younger generations. We are pursuing an opportunity to serve under-resourced children and families throughout the northwestern part of Lancaster County through a collaborative effort with multiple local school districts and a local Early Learning Center. Other points of focus will include Reach Day, a day where CBC will get into the community to serve, and the new Community Care Center, which was the downtown Marietta TNT/Youth Center/Clothing Because We Care Building. (Learn more about these two focuses later in the FAQ.) The Early Learning Center, Reach Day, and the Community Care Center are venues for Reaching Out, but ultimately God is calling us to make Reaching Out a lifestyle and mindset. In addition to being open to how God may want to use you in your community, the most tangible and strategic thing we can do is pray.  

Question: How do I get involved in 2020Vision?

Answer: Pray!  There is nothing more important that we can do than be praying for 2020Vision and more specifically, the lives God will allow us to reach for His glory.   As time goes on CBC will need financial support to help reach these families and other projects that are in the works so we can better reach the community and the younger generations.  Be creative!  Seek ways on your own that you and your family can love and reach out to the community and younger generations.


Question: How will this change CBC as a church?

Answer: As we reach out to those who look, act, believe, dress, and think differently than we do, we will become more like Jesus.  He had eyes to see people and had compassion on them, no matter what their struggles are in life.  We believe that as we offer ourselves to touch others, God will build His character into us and conform us into His image (Romans 8:28-29). 





Question: Is the Early Learning Center and 2020Vision the same thing?

Answer: No.  The Early Learning Center is a tool to see 2020Vision accomplished.  2020Vision is reaching the community and the younger generations, and having the Early Learning Center at the church building will help us accomplish that.  The same can be said for Reach Day and the remodel and expansion of Clothing Because We Care into the Community Care Center.  There will be other changes within ministry departments in order to better carry out 2020Vision.  All of these things are tools to see 2020Vision accomplished.


Question: What is an Early Learning Center?

Answer: An Early Learning Center is a licensed program that provides early care and education for children from birth to early elementary age.  


Question: Is CBC starting an Early Learning Center from scratch?

Answer: No.  CBC is partnering with a faith-based organization who already manages early learning centers.  This separate organization would make all hires and run the actual program.   It would be located within the walls of CBC’s main campus building.


Question: Is CBC hiring the Early Learning Center staff?

Answer: No.  Hires will be made by the Early Learning Center organization.  However, CBC members, like anyone else in the community, could apply for a position within the Early Learning Center staff. 


Question: When will the Early Learning Center begin at CBC?

Answer: The Early Learning Center will tentatively open in January 2018. 


Question: What will be the hours for an Early Learning Center in CBC’s building?

Answer: Final times are to be determined.  Tentatively they would be 6:30am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.


Question: What ages does this Early Learning Center care for?

Answer: Ages of students would range from birth through elementary school.  First the program would care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in preparation for kindergarten.  Then after students are in elementary school, the program would provide before and after school care and tutelage to kindergartners to fifth graders. 


Question: How does an Early Learning Center help under-resourced children?

Answer: Many under-resourced families cannot afford preschool and very often must choose between a job and watching their children before and after school.  As a result, there are many children in our immediate area who enter school far behind the school standards.  As years progress, these children continue to feel behind, increasing the dropout numbers and creating a negative impact on their futures.  The Early Learning Center that CBC would partner with allows these families to have a safe place where their children can be loved and learn what they need to in preparation for elementary school and life.   


Question: What role does CBC have in a partnership with an Early Learning Center?

Answer:  The role would be great and includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Providing physical space for an Early Learning Center program for families in the Columbia, Marietta, Mount Joy, Bainbridge, Elizabethtown, and Rheems areas.
  2. Providing spiritual and logistical leadership and possibly employees to the program.
  3. Providing community outreach to parents and families.
  4. Providing spiritual guidance to the students themselves.


Question: How does an Early Learning Center help CBC reach out to people?

Answer: We are called to love those around us.  We are also called to use the resources that God has blessed us with for Him, such as our building.  Having an Early Learning Center in the church building allows us as a church to love our community and the younger generations who will grow through it.  Our plan is to use the Early Learning Center as a catalyst for the many ministries of CBC to touch the lives of these families in need.  CBC will also be encouraged to volunteer within the Early Learning Center to spread the love of Jesus to the children and to their families. 


Question: Does the leadership of CBC have any safeguard for our spiritual beliefs and freedoms?

Answer: The elders have spent a significant amount of time in prayer and discussion working through this concern.  They have established three guiding principles to safeguard the church, its ministries, and the scriptural doctrine.

  1. Any elder-sanctioned ministry or program residing within or outside the CBC premises will be continually evaluated by the elders to assure it does not violate, contravene, or undermine our core values, biblical understanding, or statement of faith.
  2. Any elder-sanctioned ministry or program residing within or outside the CBC premises will not continue if it is determined that any private or government funding and/or proceeds received by any organization in the operation of an early learning center would, in the Elder Board’s judgement, unreasonably obligate, restrict, and/or limit CBC’s ability to maintain its independence from government that if violated would permit governmental interference with CBC’s exercise of free will.
  3. Any elder-sanctioned ministry or program residing within or outside the CBC premises will not continue if, in the Elders Board’s judgement, such opportunity will create an unreasonable risk of harm to people and/or assets entrusted to CBC by our Heavenly Father, and/or jeopardize existing insurance and risk programs designed to protect people and things.

Question: What is the need in the community regarding an Early Learning Center?

Answer: Columbia, Marietta, and Mount Joy have very few options for a full day program.  The existing programs are either full or very expensive.  In the northwest area of the Lancaster County, which is our target, there are approximately 200 children that are not enrolled somewhere who desperately need a program such as this to prepare them for school and life.


Question: How do I sign up my child for the Early Learning Center?

Answer: The Early Learning Center will start at the earliest in January 2018.  We are in the early phase of the partnership and there is no timeline established yet for signing children up for the program.  Stay tuned to the FAQ for updates.





Question: What is the Community Care Center?

Answer: For many years CBC has run a program called Clothing Because We Care (CBwC) in a CBC-owned building in Marietta.  The program has grown and regularly provides clothing and spiritual guidance and friendship to many people in the community.  The Care Ministry Department will be expanding the ministry into more of the building effectively taking over the building.  In the future, the hope is to offer more services than a clothing bank in an effort to love the entire community.  Our desire is for the building to truly be a community building for all to use and grow in their love of God. 


Question: Is the Clothing Because We Care program ending?

Answer: No.  It is actually expanding into more of the existing building.  Its name will change to Clothing Bank to simplify what its purpose is to the community.  Dropping the Clothing Because We Care (CBwC) reinforces that we want the building to be a community building and not a just a CBC-owned building in the community.  The building’s new name will not have the CBC letters in it, instead being labeled Community Care Center.





Question: What is Reach Day?

Answer:  Reach Day is on Saturday, September 30, 2017.   Everyone at CBC is encouraged to take part.  Reach Day is an church-wide event designed to allow CBC to reach out into the surrounding community, serving people and organizations in practical ways in the name of Jesus Christ all at one time on a single day.  There will be at least 30 organized teams of people completing a variety of service projects. Our hope through this day is for each CBC member to develop a passion for the people in our community and get involved regularly in the lives of others. 

Updated July 12, 2017

Question: What kind of service projects are available on Reach Day?

Answer: There is something that everyone is able to do!

  •        General Cleaning- Yard work, window washing, cleaning garages, disposing of waste, washing cars, cleaning gutters, spring cleaning, scrubbing walls        and floors, cleaning out attic
  •        General Repairs- Painting, fixing siding, patching drywall, changing light bulbs, power washing, scrubbing decks or patios
  •        Manual Labor- Moving things, demolition work, hauling out debris, breaking up concrete, planting or gardening, boxing up things
  •        Relational Connections- Visiting at nursing homes, childcare, delivering meals/food, food pantry, driving people, visitation
  •        Skilled Labor- Electrical, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, roof repair

Question: How can I get involved with Reach Day?


  • Pray for God to do amazing things during Reach Day and for Him to be glorified.
  • Click here to sign up to be part of the day or pick up a Volunteer Response Card from the Welcome Center and return it to the lock box. Deadline to sign up is Sunday, September 10, 2017 in order for us to have time to put the groups together. If you are already part of a Life Group, please let us know if you want to serve with them or be assigned to a group. Not part of a Life Group? No problem! We are happy to add you to a group.
  • Recruit your friends and family to join you.

Question: When will I know where I am going and what I’ll be doing on Reach Day?

Answer: Email updates will be sent out during July and August. The final list of group participants and where they will serve will be posted on Friday, September 22, 2017 on The City as well as emailed directly to those who signed up. Your group leader will also get in touch with you regarding any specific information or tools that are needed for you to bring for the day.

Question: Is childcare provided for Reach Day?

Answer: Our desire is for families to serve together, so childcare is not provided.

We care as much about relational connection and enjoying each other as we do completing a task.  Children often bring a great relational dynamic to a group even if they can’t do the task at hand. Please consider doing Reach Day as a family and letting your kids participate to whatever degree they can. Reach Day is about having fun, so let’s have fun while we’re completing the tasks!

Question: What do the schedule and logistics look like for Reach Day?

Answer: All the groups will meet in the church’s Multi-Purpose Room at 8:00 a.m. to meet as a large group for orientation and get instructions for the day. The groups will carpool to their service locations and jump in doing the assigned work. Everyone should also bring a packed lunch and drinks. We expect most projects will finish up by 4:00 p.m., but end times may vary depending on the project.



Question: Will there be any other changes at CBC in order to reach the community and the younger generations?

Answers: As usual, the elders have empowered the staff at CBC to carry out the mission of the church.  You can expect that each ministry area will adapt a variety of changes in order to better reach the community and the younger generations. 


Question: Will we be doing construction on our existing building? 

Answer Yes and No. There could be some minor work done inside the building for the Early Learning Center to run effectively.  That is yet to be determined.  As of now there are no formal plans on construction within the main campus building.  However, there will be some remodeling happening in the Marietta building formerly called the TNT Youth Building or Clothing Because We Care building.  It is now called the Community Care Center.  Read additional FAQs for more information.